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Health, Nutrition n Weight management

Consultation and coaching for Health
Consultation and coaching is to enable to to formulate and plan and adhere to it.
A consultation is to go over your current health and a plan formation to make you better.
It is to supplement your medical and other health pursuits
It is to see what would work for you and how to reduce the reliance on costly health care
It is to find if there is something missing in the remedies which could have helped
Insurance and medical care facilities only focus on short term treatment and bandage the new symptoms. If you do not have a symptom your doctor will send you back, and even in many symptoms it will only keep you on a watch. But the health coach focusses on your real well being. Hence he will catch any problems and warnings, and help you treat them.
It also can cover other system of medications such as Herbal, Homoeopathy, Nutritional, exercising, etc
It is a charged service but it pays for itself
At your convenient hours:
Weekend or Weekdays, Days or Evenings
... for a prelim talk, you may call or email to me.
Health Assessment
Checks you weight, BMI, and health,
Finds food balance
Step towards having a Health coaching
Weight Management Options
Find real cause and corresponding treatment
Genetic Test
Trial and Hit
Alternative sources
Detoxification Solutions
Nourish your body
Strengthen your muscle
Quick recovery after long work hours
Energy Drink with low sugar and B12
Vitamins and Minerals at all potency and price
Different combination for different conditions
Heart, Skin, Nails, Hair, Bones
Helpful for increased Memory and Brain power
Non-Addictive solutions
Energy Drinks with low sugar and B12
Get Energy for all work
Get rid of reliance on Coffee and other drinks
Get rid of Constipation and other body ailments
Get rid of excessive fat - as a side benefit
Many flavours to choose from

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