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Ideas and expansion
Currently we have different Ideas to implement. The ideas are in variety of situations e.g. in Selling, new Products, Writing, Franchisee (from us to other low budget business dreamers), Established and New / Future Ideas.
There are also ideas that are subtle in nature and cannot be shown. These affect the other things which are shown. These are best explained by naming Abstract Ideas and non-Existant Ideas.
Also see Innovation. These ideas are waiting for time and place.
Acquiring a business place
Online sales and physical place are two things required for visibility, work and interaction. In the beginning the interaction with customers is still important. We will be taking a physical location to sell and serve the customers. At this time all the people who like to promote the community and local business to grow big can give. You would like to see yourself as a key contributor in the success of a business. One day when the business grows big, you would have joy by the feeling that your giving made it big.
We encourage all people in community to be the part of the growth and not let the banks take all the credit.

People can now invest in this business and grow their money @6% a year (simple interest).
This business needs money to acquire, operate and grow. To make it simple and clearly understood, I have defined it as below.

The Investment:
Business takes loan in units. Each 1 unit = $970
Business proposes 41 units of loan.
Business pays interest.

Payback starts after 6 months:
after 6 months of business start each unit becomes $1000 value.
thereafter business starts to calculate interest on each unit on $1000.
interest computed every month @6% / per annum, i.e. 0.5% per month simple interest.
monthly interest per unit = $5.
interest accrued until Payout >= $15
interest per unit to accrue for 3 months then paid together
interest paid every month for those having 3 or more units
payment will be through my bill pay or chase quick pay.
(if through credit card, then a partial refund transaction will be generated (not tried yet, so not sure))
unit purchaser will give its quick number and time frame to receive the money back.
if money needed quicker than others, business will pay its money before others when available.
if money is 10 units, at least 1 unit ( = $1000) will be paid once a year and paid all as soon as business has enough.
full payback intention = 2 years.
risk : not over-ruled, for anything that can go wrong. In case of risk happening, paying back the money will become difficult or impossible. In such a case only partial money or no money will be paid back, and payment will happen only when money becomes available.
Running the business is most important even if there is a loss and money payback is withheld or impossible. Running a business is the only hope to be successful in future and able to payback (even when no commitment remains to payback).

In beginning:
checks will be collected from givers (lenders/ helpers/ investors) and kept undeposited until business deal is finalized. the checks will be deposited together, and the money will be withdrawn, only when: if there is enough money accumulated and the business deal matures.

Reverse situations:
depositor will keep money active for 3 months at minimum
any stop pay or insufficient funds, depositor will pay what ever fees is incurred to each or any check, and arrange for the money and arrange for fee waiver.

Q. How much to invest?
A. Investment will be allowed in units. 1 unit=$1000. Each unit will be given for a check of $970.

Q. When will the money be invested?
A. All the checks will be collected and added together. When the business deal matures, the checks will be deposited to the bank account and then the money is considered to be deposited. If the deal does not mature, the money will not be withdrawn. We want to make the deal in April.

Q.When will the interest be paid?
A. The interest is accumulated for first six months. Each unit then becomes vested for $1000. After that $5 per month is accumulated per unit. A check of the interest is sent when the interest accumulates to $15 or more. If someone invests in 3 units, then every month a check of $15 will be sent to him.

Q. Can the money be invested using credit card?
A. Yes, the money can be received using credit card. The interest and refund will be uploaded back using credit card only. This option is not tried yet. It may be not possible after a month or two.

Q. When will the money be returned?
A. The intention is to be able to return all the money with interest in 2 years. Those who want the money quicker will get it quicker. This will be based on the givers quick number and time frame. The time frame is only a guideline and not a commitment.

Q. is the money given to business safe?
A. No the money is not safe. We hope the business will be successful and we will payoff every one with interest. But there are chances that the business will not earn, or lose customers, or customers ask discounts and negotiate, besides theft and other unfortunate situations; which can result in losses. If there are losses or business does not survive, it would be almost impossible to payback money to the remainder of the givers (who may not have received the money back). Even though the money is dead, a giver may get interest with the same rate or a revised rate (if rate revision happens) if at least some money is earned which can pay the interest. When more money is earned than the total interest pending and current, then return of the money to the next giver in line will happen. The line is not a fixed line. The order can be changed or not honoured based on anything.

If interested you may fill this form and print or send through email to our current address, or hand it over in person. You are invited to ask questions and give your opinion / ideas / wisdom and share experience with us.

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