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Pain Relief

Question to you:
Do you have any kind of pain?
Is the Pain or health issue distracting you from daily activities or earning
Are you using any kind of medications
Is the Pain coming back next day same or worse
If answer is yes:
We have different kinds of lotions and remedies that can improve or completely fix issues
Try for a buck now and decide if it is for you
RTPR is giving 5 Travel Packs of PAIN Relief Cream- their original best selling formula! Each travel packet  offers handy, single applications of fast, effective pain relief.
  Company will pay the shipping!
  Total Value: $7.50
  Buy Now: $1.00
The $1 offer for Pain Relief. Can you miss it?
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If you want a bigger package (with a $15 gift)
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If you can long term commit and join in a reward program
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If you have experienced the power of the pain relief and now want to buy for yourself
Buy one of the different kinds available and size based on your situation
Buy one of the Oils which can be used as supplementary use and save

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Text 971-0124


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