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Mehandi is for Health and Art
Evolving Attractive designs: We create great new designs. We also look what others are doing and adapt. We let you bring your own design or concept.

Our cost is affordable too! Designs are mostly applied on hand. We do on other parts of body for only a little extra.

Henna Tattoo originally started from India. The Indian name is Mehandi. It is religiously tied to the culture. The culture and religion of India is mainly concerned with mental, physical and emotional health. Mehandi gives all the three benefits.

Ordinarily colouring skin or manipulating any part of body is not recommended. But Mehandi is an exception. In this article we will examine Mehandi in more details.

Mehandi is provided by Nature: Mehandi paste is made by grounding leaves from Mehandi bush. The initial color is dark green, it leaves reddish brown color on the skin, when applied on it for a sufficient time. Color stays for a week (Max 3) depending on the skin and washing.

Mehandi for Health: It has great health benefits, and is used in India for skin beauty and protection. Consider using it to color skin over tanning. I discovered that it protects from germs and fungus. I also have indications that it has very quick relief effect on arthritis. The Hindu religious leaders must have known it forever. So it was made a custom to apply Mehandi just before rainy season when insects increase and different kinds of diseases spread. And the intensity of the color is equated to the amount of love by husband, hence every woman applies a lot and for a long time to get the full effect. With Mehandi they also play, sing and dance.

Mehandi gives emotional strength: The protection by Mehandi has immediate good health effect and acceptance from friends and loved ones. The good looking designs, the color and aroma give a good emotional strength. The Indian design concept are good looking things from nature and not scary or dark images. The pictures depict the bright side of life. The aroma lifts the spirits and prevent all sorts of mental illness which may be now named as depression, and other forms of madness. The feeling of love from loved ones bring deeper connection and emotional health.

Mehandi is good for mind: It is an Art. It has a special aroma. As mentioned in above paragraph the Mehandi pictures drawn depict the bright side of life. Its aroma lifts the spirits and prevent all sorts of mental illness. The taste is bitter, not recommended to be eaten, and it keeps the insects away. It gives a continuous non-stop fun and focus. It is seen that the people get a Mehandi connection and remember it. It feels like oxygen in life, But it is not like the addiction to drugs.

The word Henna is Arabic and is adapted from Mehandi. Their aim is not the three benefits mentioned above. In this form people like to add black and other un-natural colors. The kind of designs are also different and give a different kind of feelings. I didn't see them in Hindu application in past and nor I recommend it.

When things are implemented in Western world, it is improved and thoroughly delved. All possibilities are explored. So we have here in USA Tattoos which are a permanent version with different colors and a variety of arts and designs. It caters to the needs of all sorts of people. It gives complete freedom to people to imagine and get whatever kind of art and design they relate to themselves.

Other religions:Centuries later the leaders of all religious leaders incorporate what science tells, in their books / practice, including what is established in Hinduism. So there is nothing to worry. If a religion is against Mehandi for time being, eventually, it will promote it in future.
Please check with your priest if it is okay in their views. If they still believe that Mehandi is not for you then you should not have it. In such a case "Please let us know."

Improvements: We mix a scent or essential oil to increase its strength and benefits. If you have any allergy from an oil or scent please let us know. If you like to have a particular essential oil, please let us know, we can experiment with that too.

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