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Mehandi in Baby Shower
It is fun to include Mehandi in this event. The prime Mehandi lady is the expecting mother especially on her first. The drawing is done on belly.
The next comes the guests. Ideally each one chooses a design from pre-decided ones of same value.
The last one to consider is the special loved ones from family, friends and the lady who is organizind the baby shower. Their design may be from outside of the common group and of different price range. This does not mean that they are done in the end, but their application is done whenever they are ready for it.

All are encouraged to do an allergy test, esp. the expecting mom. She may take an approval from her doctor or essential oil therapist with a list of oils safe on her. Then much before the event the artist meets her and applies a dot somewhere on body and then belly if no ill effect.

The tests on the guests can be done one before their turn by a drop and by asking if they had Mehandi before and their list of allergic reactions to the oils.
Picture and Video services
Picture and video taking is another fun thing to preserve the memories. Normally people can do it on their own phones or camera. We also offer our services. We take many pictures and video of the mom, guests or a select few. We are able to create a printed album or on a SD card to view later on picture frame, computer, or web.
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