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Bridal Resale, and other items
Do you have an item which you want to sell? You are encouraged to send us an email with picture, description optionally its price and your contact for display.
You will indicate whether you want to sell and ship yourself
or Henna Fashions will collect the money for you and you will ship it. In this case on sales you will be charged a commission based on our cost to collect the money and taxes if applicable. (See para Fees and Seller receipt below)
Your item will be listed as your personal property and any inquiry will be forwarded to you.
There is a Fee on your listing and renewal of the listing as well. The Fee is the listing price of an item.
If you are a member of our instagram, or you are a member of our group your listing will be free until it sells or expires.
If you are not a member then you will pay a fee.
If we sell and collect its price, the Fee will be 2% if price is $10-$50, 20 cents if less, and $1 fixed if more than $50.
We are waiving the first 12 listings' fee.
Whenever you renew the listing you will pay the fees equal to the listing fee.
When you sell yourself and collect the money, then the Fee is $1. The renewal is also $1.
Seller receipt
Even if we collect the money, you the seller will ship the item, immediately, in its best condition and packing. You will notify us with the shipping status.
If we collect the sale amount we will pay to the seller all the amount we receive after bank and other charges minus any taxes.
We will hold the money for a month or more. This is to help the buyers to be fully satisfied. Once the hold period is over your money will be sent to you through bank email.
The listing will be ordered as newest first, but also it can be altered in view of its importance to us.
A listing can expire in a month or continue based on how many listings we have.
For Buyers
you can go over the listings here and more pages which follow.
A seller can sell the item through us or directly. If he sells through us the item will have a link on our website.
you can purchase an item directly through the link in this page.
if the link is not available, you will directly contact the customer.
if you purchase through us (from the link on this website), we can mediate for a complaint or non-receipt of an item, refund the purchase price during hold period if seller defaults, but we cannot guarantee for an item defective or not received from the seller or anything else as the case may be.
Buyer pays a service fee and tax to us alongwith the price of item. The service fee goal is 1%. Currently the sevice fee is not active.
If the buyer makes a direct purchase from seller and pays the seller directly, we can still try to mediate if we have any control on the seller - like If seller is our member, or if he is trusted, likewise. But there cannot be any refund from us.
List of items:
please send us your items through email. We will list it here in a day or more (as soon as we can)

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