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Evolving Attractive designs: We like to create great new designs. We also look what others are doing and adapt. We let you bring your own design or concept.

Our cost is affordable too! Designs are mostly applied on hand. We do on other parts of body for only a little extra.

Henna Tattoo originally started from India. The Indian name is Mehandi. It is religiously tied to the culture. The culture and religion of India is mainly concerned with mental, physical and emotional health. Mehandi gives all the three benefits.

Ordinarily colouring skin or manipulating any part of body is not recommended. But Mehandi is an exception. In this article we will examine Mehandi in more details.... The benefits, cautions, terms and conditions are also listed here.
Birthday Party: Consider the fun of Henna on the hands of Birthday Girl and Guests


Guests in Wedding

Baby Shower

Before getting a permanent Tattoo.

For Events Call for Appointments
Fairs and Festivals: Asian Festival, Ohio State Fair, Indian Festival, International Festival, ...
Health assessment and Skin care services: This is compatible with Mehandi. Get your skin examined. Apply Mehandi for the damaged areas. Examine later for improvement.
Variety of Jewelry from India.
Necklace, Earing, Nath for head, Set, Waist, Anklet
Consider having designs like jewelry: Bracelet, Ring, Necklace / Pendant, ...
New ideas every time
Photo Shoot and Mehandi Album making for you and Guests
3D picture production: Promoting as a family event twice a year - AudioVideoGrapher.com
The High Definition Video Recording and Editing
Albums: HD video, Personal and / or Family pictures
Story writing and profiling

New Product:
Pure Soaps for
Vaishnav, Jain, Vegan and Vegetarian
Saves:Time and water
Quick Rinse Soap from Garg Business, and Henna Fashions, Lavender Soap, works good
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